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Every generation has a story to tell. These stories contribute to our richly layered history, they capture the human spirit and connect us with our past.

At Genea we believe that family history is an exciting journey of discovery. You never know who and what surprises you will find as you travel back through time! Whether you’re a beginner or already on your journey of discovery, Genea can help you discover more about your ancestors. Designed to connect family historians with Australian sources, finding aids, family history topics and fellow researchers, this exclusive virtual reference centre puts Australian family history information at your fingertips.

As online genealogy platforms grow, we have more access than ever before to information about our ancestors. In spite of this, one of the biggest challenges facing many family historians is finding the right repository online and navigating confusing websites. This was the inspiration for developing Genea, established by Australian family and social historian, Lorraine Newland.

Lorraine is passionate about helping people in their search for their own ancestral roots and putting their ancestors’ lives into context with the times and places they lived. Having studied Genealogy with the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow) and Family History with the University of Tasmania with high distinction, Lorraine specialises in scholarly genealogical research. Her clients include historians, academics and authors. She is also the author of The Australian Family History Companion to Online Research and is an Australian ambassador for the international genealogical company Findmypast.

Genea’s aim is to unlock the invaluable knowledge of our country’s rich record collections and to build a resource to drive well-informed family history research in Australia.