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Genea is building a vibrant community of people contributing to the preservation of our history by sharing stories and memories and assisting others in their search for their ancestral roots.

Here are some ways you can get involved:

– Submit an article. Features on family history, genealogy and what life was like in the past and the historical events that affected our ancestors help bring our history to life and are always welcome. Authors and writers retain the copyright to their work and links to books and/or websites can be provided with any article published.

– Submit transcriptions. Transcriptions of documents containing lists of names that are in the public domain/out-of-copyright are most welcome. Transcribers will be acknowledged for their work unless they choose to remain anonymous.

There are several ways you can help in Genea’s development:

Report any issues: Report broken links, or inappropriate content appearing in comments on the site. Please contact us to report any issues using the contact form.

Provide feedback: We welcome your feedback and any extra information you can provide. Feedback can be given via the contact form.

Your contribution to this site goes a long way in building a platform that enables people to engage directly with our history and ancestors.