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Getting Started | Getting Started in Family History
Millions of people around the world are currently researching their ancestors, which makes family history one of the world’s most popular hobbies. At some point in their lives, everyone seems to wonder where they came from. And what begins as a simple curiosity quickly turns into an obsession.

The Difference between Genealogy and Family History

Genealogy in its most literal form is the study of family origins. Genealogies are the recorded histories of a person’s or family’s descent from their ancestors. In contrast, Family History goes even deeper by including the biographical study of their lives by gathering information about each person as an individual to learn more about the lives they lived.

The primary goal of genealogical research is to discover ancestors and their family relationships. At the most basic level, you will identify and record the following information for each individual in your family tree:

This information forms the backbone of your family history research. From here, as your research broadens and you learn more about your ancestors’ lives and times, you will be able to flesh out these genealogical facts into family history.

Getting Started

Start with any information you have and what you already know, and work your way backward.

As a complete beginner, family history can feel overwhelming but ultimately, you will discover that finding out more about the past through one’s own family can become totally absorbing.