•  Transcriptions   •  List of Persons Holding Licences for the Sale of Wines and Spirituous Liquors in Sydney 1813
List of Persons Holding Licences for the Sale of Wines and Spirituous Liquors in Sydney 1813



Head Quarters, Sydney,
Saturday, 7th August, 1813.


HIS EXCELLENCY the GOVERNOR has been pleased to direct, that the Names and Places of Residence of all those Persons who have obtained Licences in Sydney, or any of the Out-settlements of New South Wales, for the Sale of Wines and Spirituous Liquors by Retail, for the present Year, shall be published in the Sydney Gazette, for the Information of all those immediately concerned or interested therein, and of the Public at large. Said List, consisting of Eighty-six Persons is therefore now made public, in order that those who are duly licenced to retail Wines and Spirits shall be clearly distinguished from those who continue illegally so to do without Licence. Persons continuing to sell Wine, Spirits, or Beer without Licence, are cautioned to beware of that Practice, as on information being lodged against them they will fee prosecuted and punished with the utmost Severity, according to the Degree of their Offence. Magistrates and other Peace Officers are called on to exert themselves in detecting and punishing all such Frauds on the Revenue ; and those so detected will be excluded from receiving a Licence for the future.




Recording Names and Place of Residence


George Ruff — Kent street.
Patrick Cullen — Harrington-street.
George Wood — Clarence-street
William Wright — Phillip-street.
Andrew Frazer — Cambridge-street
Isaac Peyton — Prince-street
Jane Muckle — Phillip-street
Isaac Moss — Castlereagh-street
William Parker — Pitt-street
Francis Whiting — York street.
John James — Castlereagh-street
Samuel Terry — Pitt-street
Henry Marr — Castlereagh-street
Mary Reibey — George-street
Elizabeth Casssidy — Cambridge-street
Mrs. Redmond — Suffolk-lane
William Roberts — Hunter-street
Stafford Lett — Cambridge-street
Mr. Chisholm — George-street
Mr. Reddington — Pitt-street
Richard Phelps — Cambridge-street
Jane Morris — Pitt-street
James Vandercom — Prince-street
Bernard Burn — Pitt-street
William John Speed — George-street
Mr. Nicholas Devine — Pitt-street
Samuel Thorley — Cumberland-street
Joseph Inch — Pitt-street
Joshua Holt — George-street
John Jones — O’Connell-street
James Underwood — George-street
William Davis — Charlotte Square
Thomas Boulton — Cumberland-street
Richard Tuckwell — Pitt-street
George Woodford — Cambridge-street
Richard Palmer — George-street
Mrs. Lander — Clarence-street
James Wild — Phillip-street
Samuel Foster — O’Connell-street
John Wood — Castlereagh-street
Charles Tompson — Hunter-street
Thomas Rose — Castlereagh-street
William Foster — Cambridge-street
Mr. Mansell — O’Connell-street
Richard Culcott — Harrington-street
Solomon Wiseman — Bligh-street
William Hall — George-street
Mary Ford — Pitt-street
Martin Mentz — Clarance-street [should be Clarence]George Phillips — Cumberland-street
Mr. John Laurie — Hunter-street
Ann Taylor — Gloucester-street
Joseph Morley — Harrington-street
Mrs. Waldron — Prince-street
Martin Short — Pitt-street
Mrs. Marshall — Pitt-street
Mrs. S Howe — George-street
James Ball — Pitt-street
Mrs. Chapman — George-street
John Bolger — Essex-lane
Michael Byrne — Pitt-street
William Jenkins — Cumberland-street
Elizabeth Graham — O’Connell-street




John Kennedy — Parramatta
Bernard Riley — ditto
Mrs Ward — ditto
Robert Kable — ditto.
Andrew Snowden — ditto
John Piesely — ditto
Andrew Nash — ditto
Mr. James Wright — ditto
Mr. James Larra — ditto
James Magrath — ditto
Edward Powell — Half way House, Parramatta Road.
Martha Brown — ditto, Parramatta Road.




William Hayden — Windsor
Charles Beasley — ditto
Lawrence May — ditto
Thomas Ivory — ditto
Thomas Dargon — ditto
John Connell — ditto
Mr. Gilberthorpe — ditto


By Command of His Excellency the Governor,
J. T. Campbell, Secretary.


Source: A LIST of PERSONS holding LICENCES. SYDNEY. (1813, August 7). The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW : 1803 – 1842), p. 2.