•  Transcriptions   •  List of Shearing Contractors – Queensland – December 1935
List of Shearing Contractors – Queensland – December 1935

The following list of shearing contractors operating in Queensland is published for the information of members:


Alloway, Mrs. A. M., Hughenden.
Ashwin, A., St. George.


Barnes, A. D., Warwick.
Booringa Shearing Co., Mitchell.
Burow, F., Surat.


Campbell, W. H. L., Cunnamulla.
Cassels and Smith, Barcaldine.
Currie, Frank A., Isisford.


Decker, E. H., Clermont.
Dowie, L. B., Isisford.
Drabach, A. A., Roma.
Duffy, T. J., Barcaldine.


Egan, F. A., St. George.


Flanagan, Mrs. E. C., Cunnamulla.
Fraser, A. E., Wyandra.


Graziers’ Co-op. Shearing Co., Barcaldine.
Green Bros., Surat.
Gregory Sheep Shearing Co., Winton.


Hall, B., Charleville.
Hardwick, Mrs. R. E., Winton.
Houghton & Stafford, Charleville.


Jones, Henry, Barcaldine.


Kershaw, B., Barcaldine.


Mackenzie, D. A., Barcaldine.
Mathews, W. A., Julia Creek.
Meekin, Ward, Matthias Ltd., Charleville.
Moran, J. J., Barcaldine.
Murray, J. K., Blackall.


Nee, James, Longreach and Yeppoon.
Nielsen, Jes., Tambo.


Ogden Bros., Blackall.


Pastoral Contract Shearing Co., Sydney.
Paynter, E. E., Charleville.
Phillips, H. E., Charleville.
Pianta, C. A., Hughenden.
Pulsford, A. R., Charleville.


Rooney & Co. Ltd., R. A., Sydney.


Selectors’ Shearing Co., Crossmore, Aramac.
Sinclair & Kerr, Longreach.
Southern Cross Shearing Co., Mungallala.
Spink, Mrs. Susan, Goondiwindi.
Standard Shearing Co., Winton.
Swan, W. J., Longreach.


Thompson & Hulse, Quilpie.
Twomey, J. P., Sydney.


United Graziers’ Co-operative Shearing Co., Toowoomba.


Wedgwood, R. R., Cramsie Shearing.
Works, Longreach.
Western Shearing Co., Winton.
Woolridge Rigby Shearing Co., Cunnamulla.


Young, W. S., Moree, N.S.W.


Source:  List of Shearing Contractors (1935, December 17). Worker (Brisbane, Qld. : 1890 – 1955), p. 9.