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Nominal List of Immigrants of the “Appolline” 1st October 1842

Details: IMMIGRATION OFFICE, Hobart Town, 21st November 1842, ARTHUR DAVIES, Immigration Agent.


Source: Simmonds’s Colonial Magazine and Foreign Miscellany; September—December 1844.; Vol. III; London: Simmonds and Clowes, Foreign & Colonial Office, 18, Cornhill; Notes of a Residence in Van Dieman’s Land in 1842-1843, p. 10. 


Supplement to the Nominal List of Immigrants on arrival on board the ship Appolline, from London, via Plymouth, to Hobart Town, 1st October, 1842:—


The following list gives the names of immigrants, the wages (with board and lodging unless the contrary is expressed), trade or occupation, and the name and address of employer in Van Dieman’s Land (Tasmania)


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