•  Transcriptions   •  Northern Districts (now Queensland) – Intestate Estates 1848-1850
Northern Districts (now Queensland) – Intestate Estates 1848-1850

First published in The Moreton Bay Courier, 1 March 1851


We extract from the return of the Curator of Intestate Estates, of receipts and disbursements in such estates during the year 1850, the following particulars, having reference, or likely to be interesting to persons resident in the Northern Districts:—


George Bullock, late of Darling Downs; formerly of England; money paid 5s.; paid into bank, £3 8s; money in bank, £3 8s.; date of order to collect, July 27, 1849; killed by falling under a dray.


Thomas Carter, late of Moreton Bay; money paid, l7s.; money in bank, £1 9s. 7d.; date of order to collect, January 13; a stableman killed by a fall from his horse.


Joseph Dickinson, late of Clarence River; money received, £15 10s. 6d.; money paid, £1 5s. 8d.; money in hand, £14 4s. 10; date of order to collect, December 1, 1850.


W. H. Edington, late of New England; money received, £99 2s.; money paid, £57 2s. 6d.; money in hand, £41 19s. 6d.; date of order to collect, May 16, 1850.


Arthur Finn, late of Richmond River ; money paid, £5 18s. 7d.; date of order to collect, September 4, 1848; found dead in a waterhole.


Joseph Flaherty, late of Maranoa district; money paid, 5s. 6d.; paid into bank £10 10s. 9d.; money in bank, £10 10s. 9d.; date of order to collect, October 15, 1849; murdered by the blacks in the Maranoa district.


Edward Foley, late of Maranoa district; money received, £6; money paid, £8 5s; date of order to collect, October 15, 1849; murdered by the blacks in the Maranoa district.


Charles Gray, late of Moreton Bay ; money received, £4 0s. 6d.; money paid, £4 0s. 6d.; date of order to collect, April 6, 1850.


Alexander Jones, late of Moreton Bay ; money received, £27 11s. 6d.; money paid, £212s. 2d.; money paid to credit of estate in Commercial Bank, £6 9s. 4d.; money standing to credit of estate in Commercial Bank, £6 9s. 4d.; date of order to collect, April 6, 1850.


T. A. A. Kirkwood, late of Darling Downs ; money paid, £6 2s. 6d.; date of order to collect, October 15, 1849.


Samuel Pillings, late of Darling Downs; money paid, 15s.; paid into bank, £3 5s.; money in bank, £3 5s.; date of order to collect, July 27, 1849.


Richard Scarce, formerly of England ; money paid, £7 16s. 2d. ; money in hand, £11 ls. 7d; date of order to collect, August 20, 1849 ; an emigrant, per Fortitude; died at sea.


Richard Shea, late of Clarence River ; formerly of Kilkenny; money paid, £11 0s. 9d; date of order to collect, February 15, 1849; funds paid to relatives in Ireland.


Joseph Sodoli, late of Brisbane; money received, £6; money paid £1 6s.; money in hand, £4 14s.; date of order to collect, December 15, 1850.


John Stack, late of Darling Downs ; money received, £72 13s. 10d.; money paid, £16 3s. 11d.; money in hand, £56 15s. 11d.; date of order to collect, December 2, 1850.


Henry Webb, late of Darling Downs; money paid, £11 7s 3d.; paid into bank, £46 9s. 6d.; money in bank. £42 5s. 6d.; date of order to collect, April 14, 1849.


Benjamin Wright, late of Brisbane ; money received, £61 2s. 6d.; money paid, £52 1s. 5d.; money in hand, £9 1s. 1d,; date of order to collect, April 6, 1850; per Sarah., died suddenly, February 27, 1850.


James Wright, late of Darling Downs; money received, £7 1s.; money paid, £3 1s, 3d.; money in hand, £3 19s. 9d. date of order to collect, November 1, 1850; more assets to be received.


Source: Intestate Estates. (1851, March 1). The Moreton Bay Courier (Brisbane, Qld. : 1846 – 1861), p. 4.