•  Transcriptions   •  NSW List of Absconded Convicts and Apprehended Runaways up to 7th January 1833
NSW List of Absconded Convicts and Apprehended Runaways up to 7th January 1833

SYDNEY, 7th JANUARY, 1833.


THE undermentioned Prisoners having absconded from the Individuals and Employments set against their Names respectively, and some of them being at large with stolen Certificates, and Tickets-of-Leave, all Constables and others are hereby required and commanded to use their utmost exertions in apprehending and lodging them in safe custody. Any Person harbouring or employing any of the said Absentees, will be prosecuted as the Law directs.


William Deacon, No. 29-1349, Waterloo, 24, Groom, Islington, 5 feet 5½, blue eyes, brown hair, ruddy freckled comp. small scar over right eye, from Mr. E. Deas Thomson


Ellen Meadows or Perry, Brothers (1), 30, Housemaid, Lancashire, 5 feet 1¼, grey eyes, brown hair, fresh freckled comp. from Mr. William Perry, her husband, Sydney. Supposed to be on Mr. Sydney Stephen’s farm, at Nulladora


Bridget McIndery, No. 28-122, Elizabeth, 26, Nurse Girl, Clare, 5 feet 0½, hazel eyes, brown hair, ruddy freckled comp. good looking, from Mr. George Barker


John Hargrave, No. 1632, Lady Harwood, 21, Stable Boy, Sussex, 5 feet 3½, brown eyes, dark brown hair, ruddy and freckled comp. anchor, J H T H and fish on lower right arm, from Mr. Saul Lyons


John Bishop, Atlas, 46, Cabinetmaker and Joiner, Windsor, 5 feet 11, hazel eyes, black hair, dark pale comp. from Mr. Robert Crawford


Charles Tilson, No. 29-2466, Morley, 22, Machine Maker, Nottingham, 5 feet 6¼, hazel eyes, brown hair, ruddy much freckled comp. from Mr. Frederick A.. Jones, Illawarra


John Bailey, No. 30-2061, Royal Admiral, 30, Waterman and Porter, Liverpool, 3 feet 8, hazel eyes, dark brown hair, dark ruddy freckled comp. small blue scar under right eye, and scar over left, man with sword and bag, two anchors, S W S S, on right arm, C R B C I C M P, woman with pen, and I J F S on left arm, from Mr. M. Chapman, Paterson’s Plains


Roger Elliston, No. 27-2010, Prince Regent, 26, Tanner, Chester, 5 feet 6¼, brown eyes, brown hair, dark ruddy comp. woman inside right arm, and circular mark between thumb and finger back of left hand, man and woman on left arm, cut on right eye, from Mr. Alexander Busby’s


Samuel Kenyon, No. 30-1419, Marquis Huntly (3), 17, Errand Boy, Stockport, 4 feet 8, hazel eyes, light hazel hair, ruddy freckled comp. small scar over right eye, and one over inner part of left eyebrow, ring on right middle finger, and dots between finger and thumb, both hands from No. 2 Stockade Iron-Gang


John McDonald, No. 28-884, Mangles, 23, House Carpenter, Dublin, 5 feet 5¼, brown eyes, red hair, ruddy freckled comp. scar on left side forehead, from Escort to Mount Clarence


Patrick Feehan, No. 32-19, Norfolk, 20, Carter, Kilkenny, 5 feet 2¼, hazel eyes, brown hair, dark ruddy freckled comp. from Escort to Mount Clarence


Charles McAlister, Countess Harcourt, 24, Tailor, London, 5 feet 0¼, dark grey eyes, dark brown hair, dark brown comp. from Bathurst Bridge Party


John Murry, No. 29-1994, John, 20, Weaver, Paisley, 5 feet 2½, grey eyes, light brown hair, ruddy freckled comp. from Bathurst Bridge Party


Charles Callan or James Crosbie, No. 29-2855, Sarah, 30, Custom House Clerk end Agent, Dublin, 5 feet 7; grey eyes, light brown hair, ruddy fair comp. long visage, scar left side of forehead, and long slight horizontal scar on left cheek, from No. 12 Road Gang


Charles Deane, No. 30-359, Katherine Stewart Forbes, 29, Shoemaker, Liverpool, 5 feet 4¼, hazel eyes, brown hair, dark ruddy and pockpitted comp. from No. 6 Road Gang


John or James Aslam, No, 29-1507, America, 57, Plough-man and Weaver, Bury, 5 feet 6, grey eyes, light brown hair, ruddy freckled and pockpitted comp. scar on right cheek, ring on left middle finger, from No. 6 Road Gang


James Lyons, No. 31-1626, Jane, 21, In and Outdoor Servant, Groom, Galway, 5 feet 4¼, hazel to grey eyes, black to grey hair, dark ruddy much freckled comp. large scar outside left arm, nose inclined to right, from No. 6 Road Gang


Peter Murphy or Duff, No. 27-170, Countess of Harcourt, 27, Plasterer, Dublin, 5 feet 6¾, brown eyes, brown hair, sallow comp. long scar centre of forehead, from Argyle Bridge Party


Denis Harrington, Boyne, 26, Stable Boy, Bantry Bay, 5 feet 5¼, brown eyes, dark brown hair; ruddy freckled comp. left leg broken, from Park’s Bridge Party, Razor-back


John Bethel, Speke, 27, Farmer’s Boy, Lancashire, 5 feet 2½, hazel eyes, brown hair, ruddy comp. moon and stars on the right, anchor and A B on left arm, scar on the left leg, from Park’s Bridge Party, Razor-back


Henry Green, No. 31-2318, Bussorah, Merchant, 42, Weaver, Groom, and Soldier, Louth, 5 feet 5, grey eyes, dark brown to grey hair, dark sallow freckled comp. small perpendicular scar on upper lip, and horizontal one under left eye, long scar on top of left foot, from invalid Gang


Cornelius Sullivan, Asia (8), from Mr. William Lawson, jun. Bathurst


James Wickham, No. 27-1492, Manlius, 26, brickmaker, Sussex, 5 feet 4¼, grey to hazel eyes, brown hair, ruddy comp. man and woman, J W H M, &c. &c. on right arm, Britannia, mermaid, and a great many letters and figures on left, Britannia on breast, from Mr. George Rankin, Bathurst


George Peters, from Mr. William Bowman, Bathurst Joseph Walker, Admiral Garabier, from Mr. Thomas Icely, Bathurst


Thomas Grady, No. 32-423, Isabella (4), 20, Ostler, Berks, 5 feet 3¾, grey eyes, brown hair, sallow and freckled comp. mole over left eyebrow, nose short and broad, features broad, woman, crown, star, H B on lower right arm, serpent on lower left, T on back of left, anchor between thumb and forefinger of left hand, from Mr. John Brown of Upper Richmond


Hugh Abernethy, Princess Royal, 55, Belfast, 5 feet 6¾, grey eyes, black hair, brown comp. from Mr. Samuel North, Windsor; a very bad character, and a great scamp


William Webb, 28-2332, Royal George, 28, Laborer and indoor Servant, Warwick, 5 feet 5½, hazel eyes, brown hair, ruddy freckled comp. woman, heart and darts on right arm, scar outer corner right eyebrow, and on right side of mouth, from Mr. Foster, Brush Farm


Francis Wright, 27-2725, John, 43, Clerk and Traveller Birmingham, 5 feet 4¾, brown eyes, hazel hair, brown to bald and grey comp. from J. Verge, Sydney


William Jones, Isabella, Mr. Robert Fobs, from his Farm in Argyle




Francis Hayes, Marquis Hastings, from Mr. William Cox, jun.

Daniel Mitchell, Dart, from Iron Cove

Edward Ploughman, Prince Regent, from Hyde Park Barracks

Robert Webb, Midas, from Dr. Wardell

Hedon Copestake, Florentia, from Mr. J. Wemyss, Sydney

Mary Evans, Pyramus, from Mrs. Ann Smith

Michael Smith, Guilford, from Mr. George Thornton, Sydney

William Andrews, Marquis Huntly, from Mr. H. Donnison

John Cox, Portland, from Mr. William Anderson, Sydney

Thomas Edwards, Henry, from Mr. Sparke, Hunter’s River

Mary Henley, Lucy Davidson, from Mr. Martin Weight

Matthew Quigley, Eliza, from Port Macquarie

Robert Johnson, Fortune, from Moreton Bay

Thomas Surchin, Lord Melville, from Moreton Bay

William Roach, Claudine, from Mr. Thomas Arkell

Michael Curtis, Lord Sidmouth, from Government employ, Parramatta

James Dwyer, Marquis Huntly, from Harvest, lent to Rev. C. V. Dowling

James Walkly, Hooghley, from Government employ, Hunter’s River.


Principal Superintendent of Convicts


Source: Government Gazette Notices (1833, January 9). New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 – 1900), p. 18.

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