•  Transcriptions   •  NSW List of Absconded Prisoners – 31st December 1832
NSW List of Absconded Prisoners – 31st December 1832

THE undermentioned Prisoners having absconded from the Individuals and Employments set against their Names respectively, and some of them being at large with stolen Certificates, and Tickets-of-Leave, all Constables and others are hereby required and commanded to use their utmost exertions in apprehending and lodging them in safe custody. Any Person harbouring or employing any of the said Absentees, will be prosecuted as the Law directs:—


Joseph Carr, No. 27-2342, Champion, 22, Carpenter, Leeds, 5 feet 0½, light brown eyes, brown hair, ruddy comp. from Road Department. Lent for Harvest at Bathurst


Thomas Jones, from Escort to Windsor, for Harvest


Samuel Elwell, Elizabeth, 30, gun finisher and steel tyer, Birmingham, 5 feet 2¼, dark eyes, black hair, dark sallow comp. from Escort to Windsor


Thomas Slavery, No. 30-196, James Pattison, 30, Publican, County Tyrone, 5 feet 4½, grey eyes, light brown hair, ruddy freckled comp. small diagonal scar under left nostril, from Escort to Windsor


Elizabeth Martin, No. 32-206, Burrell, 22, Nursemaid, Devonshire, 4 feet 11¾, hazel eyes, brown hair, fair ruddy comp. C M I H on upper left arm, from Escort to Windsor


George F. Rheinhart, No. 32-332, Isabella, 21, Valet and Courier, Strasburgh, 5 feet 10, grey eyes, brown hair, sallow comp. five scars on left cheek, mark of a burn on lower left arm, scar on palm of right hand, from Depôt, Parramatta. Notorious.


Thomas Maskelly, No. 28-448, Morley, 25, Farm Man, Down, 5 feet 10, grey eyes, light brown hair, ruddy much freckled comp. from Depôt, Parramatta Benjamin Cunningham, Lord Melville, from No. 10 Road Gang


Michael Dempsey, Regalia, 30, Farm Man, Meath, 5 feet 9¼, grey eyes, light brown hair, ruddy freckled comp., second toe of each foot beat under, from No. 10 Road Gang


Samuel M’Grath [McGrath], No. 28-606, Morley, 27, Reedmaker, Tyrone, 5 feet 7½, hazel eyes, brown hair, ruddy freckled comp., lame of left leg, woman and R M G on left arm, from Invalid Gang. A notorious runaway


George Heeland, Atlas, Button Maker, Birmingham, 5 feet 3, grey eyes, light brown hair, dark sallow comp. from Invalid Gang. 2d time of running


Samuel Ward, No. 32-222, Asia, 28, Groom and Footman, Norwich, 5 feet ¾. hazel to grey eyes, brown hair, ruddy comp. weak eyes, scar across chin at point, left side, from Invalid Gang


John Warren, Hibernia, from Invalid Gang


Edward Ploughman, No. 27-2032, Prince Regent, 38, London, Upholsterer, 5 feet 3¼, hazel eyes, brown hair, ruddy pockpitted comp. from Hyde Park Barrack. 2d time of running


Richard Williams, Larkins, 32, London, Seaman, 5 feet 3, brown eyes, dark brown hair, sallow comp. from Road Department, Emu Plains. Charged with taking away a horse and saddle from the Commissariat stables, which he has stole from that place


Thomas Hayes, No, 28-1720, Marquis Hastings, 21, London, Shoemaker, 4 feet 8½, brown hair dark brown eyes, ruddy 44 freckled comp. indistinct mark on left arm, flat footed, from William Cox, jun. Hobart Ville


Letitia O’Hara, No. 29-12, Edward, 23, Tyrone, Washer-woman, 5 feet 3¼, hazel eyes, brown hair, much freckled comp. right ear pierced, eyes sunk, from Catherine Clarkson, Sydney.


Eden Copestake, No. 30-2367, Florentia, 16, Birmingham, Jeweller’s Boy and Shoemaker, 4 feet 11, brown eyes, brown hair, ruddy freckled comp. several small scars at top of forehead, left side, woman, mermaid, B C A C M G and anchor on right arm, man, H C, fish, and dots on right, from Mr. J. Wemyss, Sydney


George Edward, No. 30-1256, Adrian, 29, West Wycomb, Indoor Servant and Groom, 5 feet 6½, grey eyes, light brown hair, ruddy comp. horizontal and diagonal scar over right eye, scar under outer corner left eye, from Mr. George Morris, Sydney


Sarah Taylor, No. 31-125, Earl Liverpool, 23, Liverpool, Washes and Allwork, 5 feet 4, grey eyes, brown hair, ruddy comp. long perpendicular scar left side of forehead, left forefinger crooked and broken, from Mr. Daniel Richards


John Maddling or Quadling, No. 29-1360, Waterloo, 24, Norfolk, Groom, 5 feet 6, dark grey eyes, brown hair, sallow comp. scrophulous mark on right side of neck, from Mr. George M’Leay


Patrick Gill, from Mr. George Suitor.




George Savage, Cambridge, from Mr. J. P. Webber, Paterson’s Plains

James Tomlinson, Albion, from Invalid Gang

Ellen Abrams, E. of Liverpool, from Mr. G. Morris, Sydney

Ellen Dwyer, Sovereign, from Mr. John Cooper, Liverpool Road

Elizabeth Darling, Grenada, from Mrs. Ann Campbell

Catherine Scully, Forth, from Mrs. Harlow, Market Wharf

Elizabeth Chauley, Hooghley, from Mrs. Howell

William Field, Asia, from Mr. William Pamington

John Brophy, Asia, from Mr. G.Townsend

John Ketsoe, Medina, from Mr. Richard Siddons

John Hennessy, Boyne, from Hyde Park Barracks

William Aubrey, Marquis of Wellington, from Road Department, Bathurst

Charles Hilliard, Minerva, from Parramatta Barracks

Richard Fage, Surry, from Carter’s Barracks

James Brien, Marquis of Huntley, from Parramatta Barracks

Henry Stammers, Forth, from Parramatta Barracks

Charles Callam, Sarah, from No. 12 Road Gang

Joseph Levi, Countess of Harcourt, from Invalid Gang

James M’Nally [McNally], Andromeda, from Invalid Gang

Thomas Brown, York, from Invalid Gang

John Wakeling, Isabella, from Mr. John Dowe, Paterson’s Plains

Ann Brown, Princess Elizabeth, from Mr. Pait Taafe

Ann Gwynne, Kains, from Mr. J. T. Barratt, Sydney

Ann Walker, Princess Royal, from Mrs. Howell, Sydney

Eliza Ashton, Pyramus, from Parramatta

Charles Kimberley, Exmouth, from Mr. Wilshire, Sydney

Ann Dixon alias Todd, Edward, from James Todd, Windsor

Isabella Reynolds, Edward, Jeremiah Buckley, her husband

Ellen Brooks, Burrell, from Mr. Percy Simpson

William Fletcher, America, from Hyde Park Barracks

George Braham, Gen. Stewart, from Go. House Parramatta.

John Brien, Royal Admiral, from Hyde Park Barracks

James Moore, Clyde, from Hyde Park Barracks

Henry Hawker, Shipley, from Hyde Park Barracks

John White, Claudine, from Invalid Gang

Harriet Bannister, Princess Royal, from Mrs. Wyatt

Mary Chambers alias White, Princess Royal, from wife of Isaac White

Michael Mullen, Forth, from Mr. Thomas Arkell, Bathurst

Mary Hanley, Lucy Davidson, from Mr. Martin Wright


Principal Superintendent of Convicts.


Source: Government Gazette Notices (1833, January 2). New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 – 1900), p. 5.

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