•  Transcriptions   •  NSW List of Absconded Prisoners – Dated 30 November 1816
NSW List of Absconded Prisoners – Dated 30 November 1816

Sydney, November 30, 1816.


THE under-mentioned Prisoners having absented themselves from their respective Employments, and some of them at large with false Certificates, all Constables and others are hereby required to use their utmost Exertions in apprehending and lodging them in safe Custody.


From Newcastle, with the Whale Boat
Patrick Riley
Samuel Austen
Walter White
James Connelly
William Evans
John Johnson, alias Beasmore
Thomas Crane


From the Lady Nilson
Eneas M’Donald
Michael Ryan
John Murray, Fanny, from M. M’Cabe, Concord
James Dowd, Guildford, 2d, from Mr. Gore
Jacintho Barreu, per Somersetshire, from Mr. Johnson, Portland Head
Patrick Hamilton, Guildford, 2d, from Newcastle
Thomas Hyland, Archduke Charles, from Windsor
John Fisher, per Baring, from the Cow Pasture


Henry Penman
John Lyall


James Rearden
Issac Nowland
John Armstrong
R. Simpons
W. Weston
James Cooney
W. Harding, waterman
Joseph Stanley, whitesmith
Patrick Fitzsimmonds, bricklayer
R. Howard, mariner
John Uran, sawyer


Servants and labourers
James Clarke
W. Strother
Thomas Hughes
John Frances
James Wootlman
John Leach
R. Smith
W. Smith
M. Smith
W. Jones
J. Bainbridge
R. Thomas
J. Clarke
G. Lewes
T. Turner
T. Walker
T. Deeton,
Richard Williams
J. Woolley
W. Simms
John Hand
Patrick Whatlan
Benjamin Edwards
W. Allen
W. Thorpe
Peter Wright
W. Jenkins
R. Welch
A. Tiflin, alias Greenlow
John Murphy
Thomas Ward
Edward Price
George Leycester
John Smith
Alexender Sunderland
John Holly
Thomas Till
James Smedley
James Ring
William Taylor
John Treeble
Joseph Cuff


Sarah Corbett
Elizabeth Wright
Mary Price
Mary Langridge
Sarah Smith
Agnes Finleater
Elizabeth Birch
Bridget Conway


Francis Harrison
Felix O’Neil
Thomas M’Grath
Nicholas Russell
Hugh Ward
Francis O’Hara
Thomas Dalton
James M’Mahon
Manuel de Sylva
John Ferrara
Charles Dyche
Patrick Doyle
James Murphy
John Clarey
Henry Kelly
Thomas Morris
Herbert Styles
Joseph Burridge
Edward Scarr
John Pearce


Any Person or Persons harbouring, concealing, or maintaining any of the said Absentees, will be prosecuted for the Offence.


Principal Superintendant.


Source:  Deputy Commissary General’s Office Sydney, 11th Oct. 1816 (1816, November 30). The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW : 1803 – 1842), p. 2.