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NSW List of Persons Entitled to Title Deeds for Grants of Land and Town Grants – 11 January 1832

JANUARY 11th, 1832.


TITLE DEEDS of the undermentioned GRANTS OF LAND and TOWN GRANTS, described in the Government Notices of 8th June, 10th September, and 6th December, 1830, and 10th January, 24th March, 15th April, and 25th May, 1831, have been this day transmitted to the Registrar of the Supreme Court, in order that, when duly enrolled, they may be forwarded through the Surveyor General to the Collector of the Internal Revenue, for the purpose of being delivered to the respective Parties, upon payment of the Fees prescribed by the Government Notice of the 9th instant, and any arrears of Quit rent which may be due thereon viz:




Henry Briggs, eight hundred acres.
James Dowling, eight acres, two roods, two perches.
John Edney, eighty acres.
William Edney, sixty acres.
George Grimes, three and thirty-five acres.
Frederick Augustus Hely, one hundred acres.
Frederick Augustus Hely, two thousand two hundred and sixty acres.
Frederick Augustus Hely, one thousand one hundred and thirty-two acres.
George Innes, four hundred acres.
James Innes, one thousand seven hundred and sixty acres.
Thomas Horton James, two thousand acres.
John Payne Lloyd, five hundred acres.
Tom White Melville Winder, one thousand acres.
Tom White Melville Winder, one thousand acres.
Arthur, Rankin, two thousand five hundred and sixty acres.
William Sherwin, one thousand one hundred and sixty-five acres.
Sampson Stawell Sealy, two thousand acres.
William Swan, one hundred acres.




Thomas Horton James, thirty-three perches.
Thomas Horton James, one rood twelve perches.
Thomas Ryan, twenty perches.
George Sippe, twenty-seven perches.
Sydney Stephen, one rood three perches.


Together with the following Deed: —


Charles Sturt, one acre, one rood, three perches, Alexandria. Ordered by Governor Darling, for the purpose of reimbursing certain expenses incurred by the said Charles Sturt, in providing the necessary instruments, and personal equipment for two exploring Expeditions undertaken by him into the Interior of New Holland, in the Years 1828 and 1830. Deed dated 6th January, 1832.


By Command of His Excellency the Governor.


Note by ED. — The candour of this remark would have been much improved if it had been added, that the land was part of the military garden, and has a good house and premises on it, erected at the expense of Government, to wit, the Spinning Wheel.


Source: Title Deeds for Grants of Lands and Town Grants (1832, January 18). The Sydney Monitor (NSW : 1828 – 1838), p. 4 (MORNING).

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