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Organising Your Research | Genealogy Software & Family History Websites

When you first begin to research your family history, it may seem easy to remember who you are researching, what you have found and the family relationships. However, as your research expands you will quickly discover that you need to have a system of keeping track of numerous ancestors and research tasks.  Before you get too many names and records, you may want to consider using a family history website or a genealogy software program.

Family History Websites

Online family history websites have become very popular in recent years.  Besides offering research features and access to online records they also allow you to build trees, add photos and stories, and collaborate with family members around the world.  Some other benefits include being able to access your family tree from anywhere and not having to worry about backups.

Genealogy Software Programs

Despite the benefits of using a family history website to create your tree and store your information many family historians chose to use genealogy software programs installed directly onto their devices. Apart from building trees and storing photos and information, genealogy software programs also include a broad range of options not available on family history websites such as the ability to generate charts and reports, to organise your research and many allow you to automatically create books or booklets.

If you chose to use genealogy software, take time to research the best program for you, and make sure it fits your needs.  It is also advisable to make sure you have a good backup strategy.  Many family historians use a combination of both online trees and software with some online family history websites such as Ancestry, Family Search and My Heritage allowing you to sync your trees between their site and your genealogy software program.