•  Transcriptions   •  Pasturage Licences – Western Port and Portland Bay Districts 1841
Pasturage Licences – Western Port and Portland Bay Districts 1841

Colonial Secretary’s Office,
Sydney, 8th February, 1841.



LIST of Persons who have obtained Licences to depasture Stock beyond the limits of location of the Western Port and Portland Bay Districts, for the year commencing 1st July, 1840, on payment of the established fee.


Arnett, Joseph and others

Buxton, Matthew and others

Barker, S. and E.

Bacchus, William Henry

Campbell, James

Crouch, James

Ferrie, Peter

Furlong, Andrew

Green, William

Howe, Ephraim

Howly and Patterson

Kavana, William

King, William

M’Killop, Alexander

Macredie and Gottreaux

Minton, Thomas

Muir, John

Nicholson and Higgins

Patrick, David

Postlethwaite, E. and W.

Robertson, William

Templeton and Watson

Webb and Allee

Whitehead, Robert

Woolley, John Maude

Young, Peter


By His Excellency’s Command,


Source: Pasturage Licences (1841, February 12). New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 – 1900), p. 218.