•  Transcriptions   •  Port Phillip Local Directory Detailing the Situation of Buildings, etc 1841
Port Phillip Local Directory Detailing the Situation of Buildings, etc 1841

Shewing the situation of Printing Offices, Public Buildings, Government Offices.


Gazette Office, Collins-Street. — At this office a complete printing establishment is supported, where Book and Job work of every description can be cheaply and expeditiously performed. The Port Phillip Gazette, a journal of politics, commerce and literature, is published every Wednesday and Saturday, and from its extensive circulation, approaching to 900 copies each publication, is incomparably the best medium for advertising in the province.


Patriot Office, Collins-street. General Printing Establishment. The Port Phillip Patriot is published every Monday and Thursday, terms of advertising and subscription the same as those of the other local journals.


Herald Office, Elizabeth-street. General Printing Establishment. The Port Phillip Herald publishes every Tuesday and Friday.


Free Press Office, Little Collins-street. General, Printing Establishment. Free Press published every Saturday.


Government House, residence of His Honor the Superintendent, situated in the Domain, Sherwood, on a public road forming a continuation of Collins-street east.


Government Cottage, residence of the Sub-Treasurer, adjoining Sherwood, on its western boundary.


Superintendent’s Office, Little Collins-street. Public business transacted every day of the week, from 10 till 4 o’clock.


Treasury Office, Little Collins-street. Open from 10 till 4 o’clock.


Survey and Land Office, Collins-street West.


Custom House, Reserve, facing the Wharf.


Post Office, at the junction of Elizabeth and Bourke-street East, open from 9 till 5.


Sheriff’s Office, a room in the Post Office.


Supreme Court, King-street. In the same building are the offices of the Registrar, Chief Clerk, and Judge’s Chambers. Adjoining are the Government Stores, and the office of the Clerk of the Works.


Government Hospital, for reception of convicts and men holding tickets-of-leave, Collins-street west.


Gaol, temporary; intended for the Western Watchhouse, Collins-street west


Police Office, Market-square, facing the river; opens at ten o’ clock every day. In the same building His Honor the Resident Judge sits quarterly as Chairman of the Court of Quarter Sessions; as also does the Commissioner of the Court of Requests.


Registrar of Police Court and the Court of Requests in Hooson’s Buildings, Collins-street.


Sheriff s Bailiff, at the Sheriff’s Office.


Chief Constable, adjoining the Police Office.


Central Watchhouse, Market-square, adjoining Police Office.


Military Barracks, Collins-street west.


Commandant, Officers’ Quarters.


Crown Prosecutor, private residence Little Flinder-street.


Commissioner of Crown Lands, adjoining the Police Office, or Melbourne Club.


Chief Protector of Aborigines, Reserve, Yarra Yarra, northern bank.


Eastern Watchhouse, Bourke-street, East.


Bonded Warehouse, Little Flinder-street; and at Kemmis and Co.’s.


Gauging Sheds, Wharf, river side.


St. James’s Church, Collins-street, East.


Parsonage, Church Reserve.


School, in the building used as the temporary Church.


Bailiff of the Court of Requests, Office in Hooson’s buildings.


Presbyterian Kirk, Collins-street east; the Minister’s Dwelling and the School adjoin.


Roman Catholic Chapel, Lonsdale-street east, Minister’s Dwelling adjoins; Catholic School, Lonsdale-street, nearly opposite.


Wesleyan Chapel, Collins-street.


Independent Chapel, Collins-street east; Minister’s Dwelling and School adjoin.


Melbourne Club, corner of Collins-street and Market-square.


Port Phillip Club, Lonsdale-street.


Bank of Australasia, Collins-street.


Union Bank, Queen and Little Flinders-streets.


Port Phillip Bank, Collins-street.


Auction Company’s Rooms, corner of Collins and William-streets.


Fire and Marine Insurance Company, Offices, Melbourne Chambers, Collins-street.


Royal Exchange Rooms, Collins-street, adjoining the Royal Exchange Hotel.


Steam Navigation Company, Offices of Arthur Kemmis and Co., Flinder-street west.


Coal Mining Committee, Gazette Office, Collins-street.


Grazier’s Company, Butchering Establishment, Bourke and Queen-streets.


Debating Society, Offices of Messrs. Csrrington and Clay, Harmonic Society, practises in the Wesleyan Chapel every Thursday evening.


School of Arts, Museum and Secretary’s Office, Queen and Bourke-Streets.


Pastoral and Agricultural Society, Secretary’s Office, Patriot Office, Collins-street.


Masonic Lodge of Australia Feliz, Royal Exchange Hotel, Long Room.


Lodge of Independent Odd Fellows, Yarra Steam Packet Hotel.


Superintendent of Water Police, Williams Town.


Harbour Master’s Office, Williams-Town.


Boarding Officer, Willlams Town.


Coast Guard, Office and Watchhouse, Beach at Brighton.


Meteorologist, Telegraph Station, Melbourne.


Light House, Gellibrand’s Point, Williams Town.


Light House Keeper’s Office, Harbour Master’s Office, Williams Town.


Immigration Agent, private residence, Lonsdale-street.


Trust Company, Agents, Montgomery and M’Crae, Solicitors.


Commissariat Office, and Agent for Colonial supplies, private residence.




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