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Port Phillip (Victoria) – Intestate Estates 1848-1849

The following is a true and perfect Return of all Estates of deceased Intestates placed under the charge of James Denham Pinnock, Esq. Deputy Registrar of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, for the District of Port Phillip, for collection under the Act of Parliament 9 Geo. IV. chap 83, sec 12, from the 1st January to the 31st December, 1849; including all moneys received and payments made on account of the said Estates :—


John Adams, late of Geelong; money received, £24 17s 6 ; payments made £23 16s 4d; balance in hand £1 1s 2d; date of order to collect, March 18 1849; labourer, died 10th March, 1849.


Stephen Burgess, late of Wimmera; payments made, 10s; labourer died 28th June, 1849.


Donnie Burke alias Shee, late of Mount Piper, near Kilmore, money received £7 1s 1½d; payments made, 18 8d; balance in hand £6 2s 5½d; date of order to collect, December 18th, 1849; shepherd, died 15th November, 1849.


James Connop, late of Boysdale, Gipps Land; payments made, 10s 10d; date of order to collect September 20, 1849 ; labourer, died 16th July, 1849.


James Cowper late of Ardpatrick, Goulburn River formerly of Perth, N. B ; money received, £2343 19s 2d; payments made, £1674 13s 11d; died 17th December, 1848. Balance £5767 13s 3d of whch £5098 8s in bills paid to Andrew Russell, letters of administration, 24th August, 1849.


John Evans, date of Munthem, Portland; money received, £10 2s 1d; payments made £5 1s 4d; balance in hand, £1 1s 1d; date of order to collect, March 5, 1849; labourer, died 30th August, 1848.


Francis Harper, late of the Pyrenees, money received, £40 10s; payments made, £27 10s; balance in hand, £13; date of order to collect, August 2, 1849; died 10th June, 1849.


William Herbert, late of Melbourne; money received £30; payments made, £30; date of order to collect, May 15, 1849; labourer, died 10th May, 1849.


James Johnson, late of Broken River; payments made, 10s, date of order to collect, November 15, 1849; labourer, died 22nd October, 1849.


John Johnston, late of Melbourne; money received, £135 10s. ; payments made, £24 8s 4d; balance in hand of Deputy Registrar. £62 17s 3d ; deposited in one of the banks in Melbourne, £48 4s 5d ; date of order to collect, February 1, 1849; labourer, died 29th January, 1849.


William Leske, late of Merino Downs , money received, £33; payments made, £16 12s; balance in hand £16 8s; date of order to collect, August 21, 1849; carrier, died 16th July, 1849.


Michael McCarthy, late of Merri River, Port Fairy; money received £17 3s 6d; payments made, £17 3s 6d; date of order to collect, July 17th, 1849; labourer, died 25th December, 1848.


John M’Cormick, late of River Crawford; payments made 11s; date of order to collect, February 16, 1849; labourer, died 24th December, 1848.


John M’Kennon, late of Mount Macedon, formerly of the Isle of Skye; money received, £18 5s 3d ; payments made £9 16s 3d; deposited in one of the banks £8 9s 5d ; date of order to collect, April 12, 1849; labourer, died 11th June, 1848.


John M’Neil, late of Ashby, Geelong; money received, £38 19 ; payments made, £38 19s; date of order to collect, September 28, 1849; brick maker, died 17th September, 1849.


Lawrence Nally alias M’Nally, late of Lower Murray; money received £7 13s, payments made, £2 11s; balance in hand, £5 8s; date of order to collect July 30th, 1849; labourer, died 27th July, 1849.


John Paton, late of Melbourne, formerly of Glasgow, N.B. ; payments made, 10s, passenger per ‘Alpha,’ died 9th July, 1849.


William Ramsey, late of Glenhope, Campaspie; payments made, 10s; date of order to collect, October 29, 1849; labourer; died September 10th, 1849.


Walter Russ alias Rush late of Mount Macedon, money received £11 15s; payments made, £2 7s 3d; balance in hand, £8 17s 9d; date of order to collect, December 13th, 1849; labourer died 1st December, 1849.


John Saville, late of Melbourne, formerly of Wakerfield, Yorkshire; money received, £14 6s 5½d ; payments made, £1 15s 6d; balance in hand, £2 15s 6d, deposited in one of the banks, £9 15s 5½d; date of order to collect, October 19 1849; emigrant per ‘Mahomed Shah,’ died 10th October 1849.


Emma Smith, late of Melbourne, money received, £11 8s 6d payments made, £9 19s 6d;  balance in hand, £1 19s; date of order to collect, May 22 1849 ; labourer, died 14th May 1849.


William Smith, late of Loyala near Seymour; money received, £38 11s; payments made £7 10s 5d; balance in hand £31 0s 7d; date of order to collect, December 7th, 1849; labourer, died 7th August, 1849.


Michael Sullivan, late of Sugarloaf Creek; money received, £72 15s 8d; payments made, £ 11 9s 8d ; deposited in one of the banks, £61 6s date of order to collect, February 23, 1849; labourer. died 7th November, 1848.


Henry Vickers alias Grant, late of Mount Gambier; money received, £9 9s 3d ; payments made, £5 10s 7d; balance in hand, £3 18s 8d; date of order to collect, October 9, 1849; died August 12th, 1849.


James Walker, late of Barwon River, Geelong, money received £30 10s 2d; payments made, £13 11s 1d; balance in hand £16 19 1d; date of order to collect, September 24, 1849; labourer, died 23rd July, 1849.


William Wardropp Crawfordlate of Melbourne, formerly of Glasgow, N.B ; money received, £78 0s 9d; payments made, £13 14s; deposited in one of the banks £21 6s 9d ; date of order to collect, February 22, 1849; gentleman, died 21st February, 1849.


William Wells, late of Melbourne, formerly of Winchester; money received, £10; payments made 10s; date of order to collect, February 28, 1849; died on his passage out 23rd December, 1848. Balance £9 10s paid to James Wells by order of the Court, dated 1st March, 1849.


John Woods, late of Wangarata; payments made, 10s ; labourer ; died 7th August, 1849.


Source: Intestate Estates (1850, March 18). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957), p. 4.