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Van Diemen’s Land – List of Legally Qualified Medical Practitioners as of 27 March 1846





March 27, 1846.




The following gentlemen have proved, to the satisfaction of the Court of Medical Examiners, that they possess credentials entitling them to practise as Physicians, Surgeons, and Apothecaries in Van Diemen’s Land and its Dependencies: —




President — John Robertson, M.D.


Robert Officer
William Seccombe
Edward S. P. Bedford
William Dermer, M.D.
Cornelius Gavin Casey
William Russ Pugh, M.D.




AGNEW James William, Hobart Town.
BAILEY William Henry, Tasman’s Peninsula.
BEDFORD Edward Samuel Pickard, Hobart Town.
BELCHER Thomas Leopold, Hobart Town.
BENSON William, Launceston.
BEST John, Hobart Town.
BLACK Patrick, Tasmnn’s Peninsula.
BLYTH William, Norfolk Island.
BOWDEN Edmund, Restdown.
BROCK Frederick George, New Norfolk.
BROCK Henry Gordon, Hobart Town.
BROWNELL Thomas Coke, Maria Island.
CASEY Cornelius Gavin, Hobart Town.
COVERDALE John, Richmond.
CROLL Charles, Norfolk Island.
CROOKE William, Hobart Town.
CROWTHER William Ludovick, Hobart Town.
DAWE Henry, Hobart Town.
De DASSELL Henry, Launceston.
DERMER William, Port Arthur.
EVERETT George, Norfolk Island.
GORRINGE Thomas F., Green Ponds.
GRANT James, Launceston.
GUY Thomas, Norfolk Island.
GRAHAM Henry, Port Arthur.
HALL Edward Swarbreck, Westbury.
HARRINGTON R., Campbell Town.
HAZLITT Samuel, Bothwell.
HUISH Henry, Hobart Town.
HUSTON George Francis, Brown’s River.
HUXTABLE William Jones, Evandale.
IRVINE William, Wedge Bay.
JEANNERETT Henry, Flinders’ Island.
KILGOUR John Stewart, Perth.
LEAKE John Jarvis, Campbell Town.
LOANE W. R., Port Sorell.
LUCAS William, Launceston.
MACNAMARA James, Ross.
MADDOX George, Launceston.
MARSHALL Thornton, Launceston.
McCARTBY Eugene Charles, Swan Port.
McDONALD John M’Kay, Hobart Town.
McDOWELL John, Broad Marsh.
McWHARRIE Robert, Hobart Town.
MEYER John, New Norfolk.
MOORE John Anthony, New Norfolk.
MOWBRAY Andrew. Circular Head.
MURDOCH James, Hobart Town.
MILL William, Circular Head.
OFFICER Robert, Hobart Town.
PARK Frederick John, Oatlands.
PATON William, Longford.
PORTER William, Launceston.
PUGH William Russ, Launceston.
ROBERTSON John, Hobart Town.
ROWE John Pearson, Hobart Town.
SECCOMBE William, Hobart Town.
SINCLAIR J. Hartley, Hobart Town.
SMART Thomas, Fingal.
SMITH John, Launceston.
SHARLAND John F., Hamilton.
STOREY George F., Rocky Hills.
STRONG David, Fingal.
TEUSH Frederiok Evans, Port Cygnet.
THOMAS Henry, Jerusalem.
VALENTINE William, Campbell Town.
WILMORE Edmund William.
WARD Joseph, Launceston.
WEYMOUTH William, ditto.
WHITFIELD Frederick Francis, Southport.
WESTBROOK Samuel, Prosser’s Plains.
WESTON James, New Norfolk.


In addition to the foregoing list, the undermentioned persons have been empowered by the Court to vend drugs and compound prescriptions:


J. G. Towers, Launceston.
J. Waddell, Hobart Town.
G. W. Smith, Hobart Town.
H. Daldy, Hobart Town.
L. Fairthorne, Launceston.
F. G. Spicer, Launceston.


By Order of the Court,
C. GAVIN CASEY, Secretary.


Source: The Gazette (1846, March 31). Colonial Times (Hobart, Tas. : 1828 – 1857), p. 2.

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