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Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) Establishment of Public Pounds May 1830

BY His Excellency Colonel GEORGE ARTHUR, Lieutenant Governor of the Island of Van Diemen’s Land and its Dependencies.


WHEREAS by the Act or Ordinance intitled “An Act to regulate the Impouding of Animals for Trespass, and for other purposes relating thereto,” it is enacted, that it shall be lawful for the Lieutenant Governor to erect and establish Public Pounds for the impounding of animals therein for trespass, and instead of such Pounds or any of them to substitute others and appoint Keepers of all such Pounds, and any of such Pound Keepers to displace as to him may seem meet.


Now therefore, I do by this my Proclamation, direct and proclaim, that the several Pounds or places commonly used as Pounds, at present erected, or being at the places hereinafter respectively mentioned, shall severally be Public Pounds for the impounding therein of animals for trespass, and the same are hereby by me erected and established as Public Pounds accordingly, and the persons respectively hereinafter mentioned as Keepers of those Pounds, shall severally be and they are hereby appointed Keepers of such Pounds respectively, – that is to say,


By His Excellency’s Command,


Source: The Hobart Town Gazette, Saturday 22 May 1830, Volume XV., Number 730.