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Yorke Peninsula Directory 1876


Moonta — Assessment £11,522.
Mayor, L. L. Furner, Esq.
Councillors — Rossiter, Lander, Jackson, Axford, Rowe, Goldsworthy, Chappell, and Whitford
Auditors — Jewell and Moody
Town Surveyer — Thomas Jones, senr.
Town Clerk — Crutchett


Kadina — Assessment £10,973.
Mayor, John Gaskell, Esq.
Councillors — Brown, Haselgrove, Restall, Parnell, Julian, Bleakley, Cundy, and Scott
Auditors — Lewis and Furniss
Town Surveyor — Dixon
Town Clerk — Julius Ey


Wallaroo — Assessment £9,070.
Mayor, Thos Davies
Councillors — Thorn, Walkley, Heath, and Phillips
Auditors — Bath and Pellew
Town Surveyor — Thomas Dixon
Town Clerk — Thompson


District Councils.

Green’s Plains — Land cultivated 7,380 acres; assessment £4,750
Chairman — William Wyatt
Councillors — Thomas, Barton, Renfrey, and Tait
Auditors — Hosking and Skipworth
Clerk — Opie


Chairman, Thomas Corlett
Councillors — Kenney, Gregor, Wicks, and Goldsmith
Auditors — Woods and Smith, jun.
Clerk — George Heaney



Moonta Institute
President—Thomas Jones;
Vice-President — John Assheton
Hon. Secretary — Otto W Schroder
Committee — Messrs. Beer, Brown, and Brookman
Librarian — E F Gough.
Open daily, and for the exchange of books from seven until 10 p.m.


Wallaroo Institute
President — W. H. Sholl, Esq., J.P.
Vice-President — James Harvey, Esq., J.P.
Commitee — Messrs. T. Davies, J.P., J. Hay, J.P., F. Jackson, Thos. Godfrey, J. Hawkes, J. Cheek, J. Beaton, F. D Woodforde, Tom Ward, and William Stimson
Auditors — Messrs R. Willshire and E. Elisfielder
Librarian — W. Langdon
Secretary — T. C. Cloud


Kadina Institute ——


Banking Companies.

Bank of South Australia
Moonta — Manager, Mr Corpe
Kadino — Acting Manager, Mr. Lewis


National Bank
Moonta — Manager, Mr. McClenaghan
Kadina — Manager, Mr. Furniss
Wallaroo — Manager, Mr Hughes


E. S. & A. Bank
Moonta — Manager, Mr Alexander


Mining Companies

Devon Consols
Captain, Northey
Secretary, Whitington


East Moonta
Captain, ———
Secretary, Crutchett


Great Britain
Captain, ———
Secretary, Driffield


Captain, Warren
Secretary Scott


Captain, ———
Secretary, Coates


Captain, ———
Secretary, Ware


Captain, ———
Secretary, Scott


Manager, Hancock
Secretary, McCoull


Captain, Collins
Secretary, Whitington


North-East Doora
Captain, ———
Secretary, Ey


North-East Matta
Captain, ———
Secretary, Carvosso


New Mid-Moonta
Captain, Lean
Secretary, Scott


North Yelta
Captain, Cowling
Secretary, Coates


Captain, Warren
Secretary, Scott


Captain, Hancock
Secretary, A. Y. Harvey


South Doora
Captain, ———
Secretary, Whitington


South Hamley
Captain, ———
Secretary, Ware


South Moonta
Captain ———
Secretary ———


Superintendent, Mr. S. Higgs
Secretary, Mair


Wheal Devon
Captain, ———
Secretary, Carvosso


Wheal Geyder
Captain, ———
Secretary, Whitington


Wheal James
Captain, Warren
Secretary, Scott


Captain, Cowling
Secretary, Scott



Duke of Edinburgh, No 1252, EC.
WM, C. Bennett
Secretary, S. H. Rowe
Meets at the Masonic Hall, Moonta, monthly


Union Lodge, No — E.C.
WM, D. Curtis;
Secretary ——.
Meets at the White Lion, Kadina, monthly.



Daly — Globe Hotel, Ryan-Street, Moonta; every Wednesday
President J. Letcher
N.G. — S. Gilbert
V.G. — J. Pearce
E.S. — E. M. Pearce
A.S. — T. R. Davey
Treas. and Sick Pay-Officer, W. S. London.


Yelta — Wesleyan Schoolroom, Yelta; every alternate Tuesday
President, T. Martin
N.G. — W. Sandercock
V.G. — J. Halse ;
E.S. — F. Donnelly
A. S. and Treas — T. Curnow.


List of Tents, Time and Place of Meeting

Hope of Kadina — Gaskell’s Schoolroom, Kadina; alternate Tuesday, from June 20, at seven
CR, Blight. Wallaroo Mines
DR, Serymgour, Kadina
Sec., Joseph Tregloan, Wallaroo Mines.


Life of Moonta — Bible Christian Schoolroom, Moonta; alternate Wednesday, from June 21, at half past seven
CR, D. Archibald
DR, A. C. Rodda
Secretary, James Sisely


William Dale — Wesleyan Schoolroom, East Moonta: every alternate Saturday, from June 10, at seven
CR, Nicholls
DR, Phillips
Secretary, Joseph Goldsworthy
Moonta Mines


Working Man’s Hope — Primitive Methodist Chapel, Wallaroo; alternate Thursday, from June 22, at half-past seven
CR, Lockwood
DR, Slight
Sec., Alexander Young
Wallaroo Bay


Troubridge Light — Bro. Caldwell’s, Diamond Lake, Troubridge; every fourth Friday from June 23, at half-past seven
CR, Turner
DR, Diprose, Junr.
Sec., Walter Davey


Fidelity — Foresters’ Hall, Port Wakefield; alternate Friday, from June 9, at halfpast seven
CR, Alexander
DR, Tilley;
Secretary, William F. Boehm
Port Wakefield


Female Branches

Pride of Moonta, No. 6 — Bro. J. Lander’s Moonta; every alternate Monday, at seven,
SM, Mrs. Emerson
Secretary, John Lander


Star of Peace, No. 8 — Mr. Bayley’s Schoolroom, Kadina; monthly from Tuesday, May 30, at seven
SM, Sister Oatey
Sec., J. Tregloan


Princess Alice, No. 7 — Bro Wiltshire’s Schoolroom, Wallaroe; every alternate Monday, at seven
SM, Amanda Wiltshire
Sec., Bro. Wiltshire


Juvenile Branches

Hope of Moonta; Prince of Wales, East Moonta; Rising Star of Kadina; Port Wallaroo



AD, Mr Barker
Secretary, W T Field
Meets every alternate Thursday, at eight pm.


Source: Yorke Peninsula Directory (1876, July 11). Yorke’s Peninsula Advertiser and Miners’ and Farmers’ Journal (SA : 1875 – 1878), p. 2 (SUPPLEMENT TO THE Yorke’s Peninsula Advertiser and Miners’ news).